The Wider Movement – Encounters & Expressions

CETT 2019

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – 9:00 to 10:30 am

R70 per lecture  (R50 for students and pensioners)

Contact: Julia O'Leary +27 (0) 76 904 7632

Bookings essential

Anthroposophical Medical Lectures

MODULE 1: June - July 2019

Dr. Marco Ephraïm – Center for Creative Education
The Metamorphosis of Bones, the Larynx,
the Heart and Positive Health (week 1)

Judith Tabberner – Center for Creative Education
Embryology (week 2)

Dr. Pieter Wildervanck – Center for Creative Education
Health & Illness –Where does illness begin (week 3)

Invisible Man – Sophia House(week 4)

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Anthroposophic Medical Lectures

MODULE 2: September - October 2019

Dr. Anita Drufhagel – Center for Creative Education
Child development and Constitutions (week 1)

Judith Tabberner – Center for Creative Education
Case Study and Child Health (week 1)

Dr. Donald Palmer – Center for Creative Education
Metabolic Limb System (week 2)

Dr. Angelika Schütze – Sophia House
The developmental stages of the child through the age related cycles

Family and Social pathological impact on the developing child and the psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders that can occur
(week 3)

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